A downloadable project

A story is about to unfold, in a distant realm, where everything is from a cartoon universe!

Enjoy a short presentation of our designers work, under the form of a movie in mobile virtual reality!

Controls / Equipment:

We indicate the use of a cardboard VR box :) for the best experience!
The only interaction required will be made through gazing at specific objects.

The windows built has been added, camera can be moved with mouse / arrow keys.


QuestionableQuality Studio: http://www.questionablequality.com/

FairyMental - https://fairymental.com

Chun Wing Chau

Tyler Haskins

Install instructions

For you to install the application, your phone needs to have developer settings enabled. How to do: http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/how-to/google-android/34-useful-things-you-can-do-in-android-developer-options-new-3590299/


Anima (with FPS display).apk 36 MB
Anima (Windows).rar 25 MB
Anima 2.0 noFPS.apk 36 MB

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