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Hello everyone!

The game is a 3D space invaders, with multiple weapon choices, oriented towards endless survival against wave of enemy space ships and battleships!

Explore all the weapons, possibilities, develop different tactics based on what kind of enemy you are encountering, use ultimate weapons to mass-destruction and more!

Also, I have spent a fair time on the graphics, enjoy! :)


W A S D - Move tractor

Space - Move upwards

Shift - Move downwards

'B' - Open shop

1-2-3-4 - Select weapon / Buy items while shop is open

'R' - Fire Ultimate for specific weapon

'<' / '>' - Previous / Next song

'[ ' / ' ]' - Previous / Next skybox (procedural generated, make sure you check out!)

'M' - Switch modes for minimap, to track planets or enemy spacecrafts (Also zoom-able using mouse-wheel)

I'll let you figure out the rest :) For now as it's a developer build, you can abuse the shop as there are infinite credits available to you!

Developer Information:

Game was developed in: Unity 5.4.0f

Programming Language: C#

Year of creation: 2016

Scope: AINT256 Project @ CGD Plymouth

Main website: https://fairymental.com

Repository: https://bitbucket.org/FairyMental/planebirdtractor/


PBT_64Bit.zip 40 MB

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