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Hello everyone!

Thank you for checking the game out! If you are an individual who enjoys solving puzzles and riddles, you came to the right place!

The idea of the game is to solve as many riddles as you can, for each riddle you don't solve, a human life will be taken!

Awesome features

  • Voice acting!
  • Insane lightning (Not joking, if you don't have a R9 280 or similar GPU, it will perhaps lag)
  • Game allows typos, it will attempt to understand what you meant to write as an answer!
  • Cool rain effects! (Including noise cancelling upon entering houses!)
  • Pay attention to detail to spot all the refinements done to the game :)


W A S D - Control your character

Space Bar - Jump

Shift - Sprint

E - Interact with objects !

'/' -'\' - Triggers fireworks (Yaaaay!)

R - repeat riddle (you will be prompted when it's repeatable)

Developer Information:

Game was developed in: Unity 5.4.0f

Programming Language: C#

Year of creation: 2016

Scope: AINT253 Project @ CGD Plymouth

Main website: https://fairymental.com


RMT.7z 140 MB

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